Born: ????? May 17 in ?

Biography: Steve Geiger is a comic book artist who primarily worked at Marvel, from 1984 to 1991, 1993 to 1996, 2000 and 2002. He also worked for Acclaim / Valiant, from 1997 to 1998; DC in 1987; Penthouse, in 1995; Newsday, Inc., in 1998; Starwarp Concepts, in 1991; and Continuity, in 1989.

Notes: Alternate Bails' entry made from common misspelling of Steve Geiger's name, Gieger:


    Steve Geiger Type: GCD Official (type is deprecated)

Other Names:

  1. Geiger Type: Family (type is deprecated)
  2. Gieger Type: Pen Name
  3. Steven Type: Given (birth) (type is deprecated)


  1. Steve Geiger [generic]

Non Comics Works:

  1. Publication Title: Sectaurs, Warriors of Symbion (book) - Role: artist - Year: 1985
    Employer Name : Marvel Books
    Work Title: Secret in the Valley of Meander
    Notes: Steve Geiger worked pencils for the hardcover juvenile book - Sectaurs, Warriors of Symbion: Secret in the Valley of Meander (Marvel Books, 1985 series). ISBN 0-87135-064-5.