Born: 1926 March 2 in Darmstadt, Hessen, Germany

Biography: Tatjana's father was Jewish, and her mother was Christian. During World War II, she and her brother, Karl Joachim Weintraub, were sent to an international Quaker boarding school in Holland. Gaining Dutch citizenship was not easy, so after World War II, the Quakers arranged for the two to travel to New York in 1947. Karl went on to the University of Chicago, while Tatjana stayed in New York, attending the Traphagen School of Fashion. In 1949, she met Wally Wood, and they married August 28, 1950.
During the 1950s and 1960s, she sometimes made uncredited contributions to Wood's artwork. One of the stories she worked on was "Carl Akeley" in EC Comics' Two-Fisted Tales #41 (February–March 1955). She did a number of animal drawings for that story. She and Wood divorced in the '60s.
Later, beginning in 1969, she did extensive work for DC Comics as a comic book colorist, including Grant Morrison's Animal Man, Alan Moore's issues of Swamp Thing, and Camelot 3000.

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    Tatjana Wood Type: Changed Name
    Given name: Tatjana Family name: Wood

Other Names:

  1. Tatjana Weintraub Type: Name at Birth
    Given name: Tatjana Family name: Weintraub


  1. T Wood [generic]


  1. 1971: Shazam Award - Best Colorist
  2. 1974: Shazam Award - Best Colorist

Awards for Issues:

  1. Squiddy Award - Favorite Single Issue of Any Series
    Animal Man (1988 series) #19
  2. 1985: Kirby Award - Best Single Issue
    Swamp Thing Annual (1985 series) #2 [Direct]
  3. 1985: Kirby Award - Best Cover
    The Saga of Swamp Thing (1982 series) #34 [Direct]
  4. 1989: Squiddy Award - Favorite Single Issue of Any Series
    Animal Man (1988 series) #5

Art Influences:

Influences by Tatjana Wood (b. 1926) were stated by:
  1. Jo Meugniot (b. 1951)


  1. Employee of - Wally Wood Studio (b. 1964)
  2. Spouse - Wally Wood (b. 1927)
    Notes: Former spouses. Married on 28 August 1950. Divorced in 1966.