Born: 1955 November 14 in Waco, Texas, United States

Biography: Thomas Blackshear did one comic book work in painting the cover for DC Graphic Novel (DC, 1983 Series) #2 - Warlords (1983 [March 1984]).

Thomas additional comic book work consisted of previews of illustrations in books. He painted the story Elfspire, an illustrated book previewed in Epic Illustrated (Marvel, 1980 Series) #1 (Spring 1980) and Heavy Metal Magazine (Heavy Metal, 1977 Series) #v4#2 (May 1980). A promotional advertisement appeared in Tales from the Edge (Vanguard Productions, 1993 Series) #2 (September 1993) promoting prints and posters of his work.

Outside of comics, Blackshear is known for his paintings, sculptures, and ornament designs. He also designed several United States Postal Service postage stamps, especially his work for Black Heritage stamps series. He worked for Hallmark Greeting Cards for one year, from 1977 to 1978.


    Thomas Blackshear Type: Common Alternative Name
    Given name: Thomas Family name: Blackshear

Other Names:

  1. Thomas Richman Blackshear II Type: Name at Birth
    Given name: Thomas Richman II Family name: Blackshear


  1. Art Institute of Chicago ? to ?

  2. American Academy of Art [Chicago] ? to 1977