Born: 1977 February 26 in London, England, United Kingdom

Notes: A house name byline used for Tharg stories in various 2000 AD series and reprints. T. M. O. stands for Tharg the Mighty One and used on and off since 1980.

Grant Morrison and Matt Smith are known creators who worked under this T. M. O. pen name.

Numerous other unknown creators have worked under the Tharg house name as well.


    Tharg Type: Studio Name

Other Names:

  1. The Mighty Tharg Type: Studio Name
  2. T. M. O. Type: Studio Name
  3. Tharg the Mighty Type: Studio Name
  4. Tharg the Mighty One Type: Studio Name


  1. Used by - Richard Burton
  2. Used by - Andy Diggle (b. 1971)
  3. Used by - Kelvin Gosnell (b. 1950)
  4. Used by - Steve MacManus (b. 1953)
  5. Used by - Alan McKenzie (b. 1954)
  6. Used by - Pat Mills (b. 1949)
  7. Used by - Grant Morrison (b. 1960)
  8. Used by - Matt Smith (b. 1972)