Born: 1927 June 15 in Rimini, Italy

Died: 1995 August 20 in Pully, Vaud, Switzerland

Biography: Hugo Pratt was an Italian creator of comics and graphic novels who was known for combining strong storytelling with historical and cultural references, as well as for his distinctive artwork with strong contrasts between light and black ink. He grew up in Venice, Italy, and Ethiopia. In 1945, Hugo Pratt began a career of fifty years as creator of comics and worked in Italy, Argentina, United Kingdom, France and Switzerland.

Among the most important creations by Hugo Pratt are Ann y Dan (Jungle Drums & O’Hara of Africa), Corto Maltese, Gli Scorpioni del deserto (Scorpions of the Desert), Ticonderoga, and Wheeling. His comics were particularly successful in France, where he and his creative work have been the subject for various books and exhibitions.

Hugo Pratt got inspiration from various sources. Two of the most important are the novels by Robert Louis Stevenson and the comics by Milton Caniff. His own narrations and art have influenced several comics creators.

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    Hugo Pratt Type: Pen Name

Other Names:

  1. Ugo Eugenio Prat Type: Name at Birth
    Given name: Ugo Eugenio Family name: Prat


  1. Hugo Pratt [generic]


  1. 1969: Gran Guinigi Award - Gran Guinigi per il disegnatore italiano
  2. 1974: Prix Saint-Michel - Meilleur scénario réaliste
  3. 1976: Angoulême International Comics Festival - Prix de l'œuvre réaliste étrangère
  4. 1977: Prix Saint-Michel - Meilleur scénario réaliste
  5. 1988: Angoulême International Comics Festival - Grand prix spécial de la ville d'Angoulême
  6. 2005: Eisner Award - Hall of Fame - Voter's Choices

Awards for Issues:

  1. 2016: Harvey Award - Best American Edition of Foreign Material
    Corto Maltese (2014 series) #4 - Beyond the Windy Isles

Art Influences:

Hugo Pratt (b. 1927) stated influences by:
  1. Milton Caniff (b. 1907)
Influences by Hugo Pratt (b. 1927) were stated by:
  1. Yan Gevuld (b. 1960)
  2. Pablo Marcos (b. 1937)
  3. Paul Pope (b. 1970)
  4. Paul Tobin (b. 1965)
  5. Timothy Truman (b. 1956)