Born: 1969 October 8 in Kingston, New York, United States

Biography: Tom Hart began making mini-comics while living in Seattle in the early 1990s. Like many of his colleagues including Megan Kelso, Dave Lasky, Jason Lutes, Jon Lewis, and James Sturm he was an early recipient of the Xeric Foundation grant for cartoonists.

His Xeric-winning book, Hutch Owen's Working Hard was 56 pages and self-published in 1994. His next two books, New Hat and The Sands, were published through Canadian publisher Black Eye Productions in 1995 and 1997, respectively.

He published additional Hutch Owens books through Top Shelf, and also as daily print and webcomic strips, and Hart is a former editor of and contributor to One of the original comics on serializer was Trunktown, a Hutch Owen spin-off drawn by Hart and written by Shaenon Garrity. His strip version of Hutch Owen, ran in the Metro newspaper in New York and Boston for a year and a half from 2006-2008.

In 2008 his comic strip collaboration with Marguerite Dabaie, Ali's House, was bought and syndicated by King Features Syndicate. The strip is now archived at GoComics.

Hart is also an experienced teacher, having taught for more than six years at New York's School of Visual Arts, Parsons, the Education Alliance, Young Audiences, and numerous places across the country. He and his wife, cartoonist Leela Corman, cofounded Sequential Artists Workshop (SAW) in Gainesville, Florida, a low-cost school for comic arts, where both are currently instructors.

In 2012 he published Daddy Lightning, about his experiences as a father. In January 2016 he published Rosalie Lightning, a memoir named after his daughter, who had died suddenly when she was almost two, and about his and his wife's grief and their attempts to make sense of their life afterwards.

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  1. Spouse - Leela Corman (b. 1972)
    Notes: Married.