Sample Scan:


    Tony Tallarico Type: Common Alternative Name

Other Names:

  1. Alfred Payan Type: Pen Name
  2. Alfred Tallarico Type: Common Alternative Name
  3. Alfred Anthony Tallarico Type: Name at Birth
    Given name: Alfred Anthony Family name: Tallarico
  4. Tony Williamson Type: Pen Name
  5. Tony Williamsune Type: Pen Name


  1. Brooklyn Museum Art School ? to ?

  2. School of Industrial Arts [NYC] ? to ?


  1. Bob Smith [generic]
  2. Carl Lindgren [generic]
  3. Edward V. Johnson [generic]
  4. Tallarico [generic]

Art Influences:

Tony Tallarico (b. 1933) stated influences by:
  1. Ken Bald (b. 1920)
  2. Milton Caniff (b. 1907)
  3. Roy Doty (b. 1922)
  4. Stan Drake (b. 1921)
  5. Frank Robbins (b. 1917)


  1. Spouse - Nina Tallarico
  2. User of - Tony Williamsune
    Notes: A pen name byline used in Warren stories from 1968 to 1971. Used usually by Bill Fraccio on pencil and Tony Tallarico on inks, though it is possible that it includes solo work by either creator.