Born: 1996 month? day? in Savannah, Georgia, United States

Biography: Created in 1996 by Lee Loughridge and based in Savannah, Georgia, Zylonol worked for color separations on DC titles.

Notes: To be confirmed against the Who's Who entry.


    Zylonol Studio Type: Studio Name

Other Names:

  1. Zylonol Type: Pen Name


  1. ZYLONOL [generic]

Awards for Issues:

  1. 2009: Harvey Award - Best Single Issue or Story
    Y: The Last Man (2002 series) #60


  1. Employer of - Nick Filardi (b. 1981)
  2. Employer of - Matthew Wilson (b. 1980)
    Notes: Colorist for the studio, starting in 2003, until few years later.
  3. Owned by - Lee Loughridge (b. 1969)