Born: 1931 July 19 in Santpoort, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

Died: 2017 August 28 in Netherlands

Biography: Bert Bus began working for De Spaarnestad after World War II and stayed with that publisher until his retirement (after which he occasionally worked for other publishers).

In the early 1950s he produced the science fiction feature 'Olaf Noord' and the pre-historic humor strip 'Skokan'.

He worked in other genres, as well, from historical-setting adventures through erotic stories to stories about Huckleberry Finn and Nancy Drew. But he is probably best known for creating new stories for 'Archie the Man of Steel', when the British-created series was cancelled in the UK.


    Bert Bus Type: Common Alternative Name
    Given name: Bert Family name: Bus

Other Names:

  1. Max Mutesius Type: Pen Name


  1. AB [generic]
  2. ABus [generic]
  3. Bert Bus [generic]
  4. Bus [generic]


  1. 2004: Bulletje en Boonestaakschaal - [no name]