Born: 1933 September 21 in Reppen, Provinz Brandenburg, Germany

Died: 2017 December 19 in Berlin, Germany

Biography: Lona Rietschel studied fashion graphics and cartoon, with the aim of becoming a cartoonist. However, as the DEFA Studio for Animated Films was moved to Dresden and Rietschel did not want to leave Berlin, she applied to the comic magazine Mosaik. However, she was only hired when another draughtsman stayed in West Germany in 1960. Lona Rietschel quickly became the most important cartoonist. She designed the main characters Dig, Dag and Digedag as well as supporting figures such as Ritter Runkel and the infamous pirate band "Teufelsbrüder".

When Hannes Hegen left Mosaik in 1975 and his figures, the Digedags, were taken away, new figures were created. Lothar Dräger invented the names and characters of the Abrafaxes and Lona Rietschel created the figures. Until 1999 she remained faithful to the monthly mosaic magazine and regularly drew her abrafaxes until old age. The covers of the anthologies as well as the motifs of the calendar for 2006 come from her hand. Not least, Lona Rietschel's ability to draw made the mosaic a comic legend.


    Lona Rietschel Type: Name at Birth
    Given name: Lona Family name: Rietschel


  1. 2013: Peng! - Der Münchner Comicpreis - Preis für das Lebenswerk