Born: 1919 June 30 in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

Died: 1994 June 23 in Schagen?, Noord Holland, Netherlands

Biography: Brothers John and Piet were active during the Second World War in their chosen profession, animation. They produced a two minute animated short featuring their creation 'Bim'. John wrote the script and dialogue, with Piet handling the animation. Failing to get funding for a longer film during the harsh war years, they turned to cartooning, creating newspaper strips starring Bim and later Ridder Rudolf, which they themselves published in collections. Some time during the War, John was arrested and sent to various concentration camps in Germany. He died during a transport towards the end of the War.
After the War, Piet continued to make his living by producing art. He spent several years in France, only to return to work in the animation department of the Toonder Studios. In the mid-1960s, he emigrated to the United States, where he worked in various animation studios, calling himself "Peter van Elk". He retired in 1982, spending his summers in his home country, where he died in 1994.
There had been various reprints of his comic book work prior to his death, and the attention his death created for his work resulted in a few more during the second half of the decade.


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Other Names:

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  1. Sibling - John van Elk (b. 1921)