Born: 1950 September 19 in Oakland, California, United States

Died: 2010 November 13 in Santa Monica, California, United States

Biography: Additional biographical information found:
"Bob Myers, RIP", by Richard Newcombe (Creators Syndicate)

Syndication work:
Star Trek daily (Los Angeles Times Syndicate) 1983-02-14 ? - 1983-05-07 ? [Bob Myers did art assist, probably inking, for Padaric Shigetani during the 16th storyline of the comic strip.];
[General caricatures] (North America Syndicate [King Features Syndicate]) 197X-XX-XX ? - 19XX-XX-XX ? [Pencil and ink work. Caricatures of political figures, world leaders, and others in the news.]

Myers was the art director for the Los Angeles Times Syndicate during an unspecified time period. He also worked in the art department for the Los Angeles Herald Examiner and the Los Angeles Daily News dates unknown.

Notes: Not to be confused with Robert Meyers who did work for Dell around the 1960s. Also not to be confused with Robert Meyers who is a 21st Century creator and editor.


    Bob Myers Type: Common Alternative Name

    Disambiguation: Sports artist and caricaturist

Other Names:

  1. Robert Sutton Myers Type: Name at Birth
    Given name: Robert Sutton Family name: Myers