Born: 1942 December 11 in Sourbrodt, Liège, Belgium

Died: 2013 March 7 in Sourbrodt, Liège, Belgium

Biography: Comès is the creator of Ergun L'Errant, L'ombre du Corbeau, La Belette, Eva, and Silence.

Notes: Additional information under the Comes pen name can be found in Bails' Who's Who here:


  1. Comes Type: Pen Name
  2. Didier Comès Type: Pen Name
  3. Dieter Herman Comes Type: Name at Birth
  4. Didier Herman Type: Common Alternative Name
  5. Dieter Herman Type: Common Alternative Name


  1. 1980: Prix Saint-Michel - Grand Prix
  2. 1980: Yellow Kid Award - Comic Illustrators and Authors