Born: 1904 December 8 in Hobart, Indian Territory, United States

Died: 1996 February 6 in ?

Biography: Boody Rogers was a comics creator who worked in syndicated strips and in comic books.

He began his career in the late 1920s illustrating strips for various syndicates and assisting credited artists.

In 1940, he created his best-known feature, ‘Sparky Watts’, a super-hero parody in every particular except costumes.

The original strip lasted two years, until Rogers was drafted for World War II. It was reprinted in comic books while he served.

After the war, Rogers created new stories for the comics until the publisher, Columbia, closed in 1949. A strip revival was not successful.

He drew the comics “Babe, Darling of the Hills” (1948–1950) and “Dudley” (1949–1950) at Prize, and retired from comics in 1952.

Notes: To be confirmed against the Who's Who entry.

Who's Who lists birth city as being in Indian Territory (Texas), however the Indian Territory never constituted any part of Texas, only Oklahoma. Current-day Hobart is in Oklahoma.


    Boody Rogers Type: Name at Birth
    Given name: Gordon G. "Boody" Family name: Rogers

Other Names:

  1. R. Donrog Type: Pen Name
  2. Charles McGraw Type: Pen Name
  3. Cliff Perrill Type: Pen Name
  4. Gordon Rogers Type: Common Alternative Name
    Given name: Gordon Family name: Rogers
  5. Tody Turnovah Type: Pen Name


  1. University of Arizona ? to ?

  2. Chicago Art Institute ? to ?

    Notes: Studied under Vaughn Shoemaker and Carey Orr.

  3. Chicago Academy of Fine Arts ? to ?


  1. Boody Rogers [generic]
  2. Zack Mosley [generic]

Art Influences:

Boody Rogers (b. 1904) stated influences by:
  1. Walter Berndt (b. 1899)
  2. Carl Ed (b. 1890)
  3. Sidney Smith (b. 1877)