Ham Fisher Type: Common Alternative Name

Other Names:

  1. Hammond Edward Fisher Type: Name at Birth
    Given name: Hammond Edward Family name: Fisher


  1. Fisher [generic]
  2. Ham Fisher [generic]


  1. Ghosted by - Phil Boyle (b. 1897)
    Notes: Phil Boyle worked as a ghost artist for Ham Fisher on Fisher's comic strips including Joe Palooka in the early 1930s. He returned to assist Fisher after Al Capp left the position around 1933-34.
  2. Ghosted by - Phil Boyle (b. 1897)
  3. Ghosted by - Al Capp (b. 1909)
    Notes: Al Capp did ghost work on Ham Fisher's Joe Palooka's comic strip during 1933. Capp claimed he worked on the entire strip during this time, and most early biographers and historians took that claim as fact. A recent biography questioned this claim. It is possible the claim made by Capp might have been based more on his feud with Fisher than it was in reality. It is likely during Capp's time with Fisher that Fisher still did work on the comic strip as well.