Born: 1898 October 2 in Sheldon, Iowa, United States

Died: 1949 December 3 in Daytona Beach, Florida, United States

Biography: Miller was most famous for his comic strip Barney Baxter in the Air, created in 1936 for King Features Syndicate, and renamed simply Barney Baxter in 1943. Miller spent his early thirties working on staff at Denver's Rocky Mountain News where he created Barney Baxter in 1935 for the paper's "Junior Aviator" page.

Miller sold his first cartoon in 1919 and slowly built up his professional reputation. By the mid-1920s, he decided to make cartooning his full-time profession, working for the Denver Post and the Rocky Mountain News. In 1936, Miller took Barney Baxter to King Features. In 1942, he left the strip to Bob Naylor and joined the US Coast Guard, resuming his feature in 1948.

Miller died from a heart attack at his home.

Notes: He should not be confused with comic book writer and artist Frank Miller (b. 1957) or editorial cartoonist Frank Miller (1925-1983).


    Frank Miller Type: Name at Birth
    Given name: Frank Family name: Miller
    Disambiguation: cartoonist, Barney Baxter creator


  1. Frank Miller [generic]


  1. Similar Name - Frank Miller (b. 1957)
  2. Similar Name - Frank Miller (b. 1925)