Born: 1935 October 8 in Rome, Italy

Died: 2017 January 21 in Rome, Italy

Biography: Alessandro started in the comic field at age 17 with a couple of short episodes for AVE publishers. In 1954 he was an assistant to Averardo Ciriello and in 1956 was hired by the studio of Agusto Favalli where he painted a lot of film posters for the Italian and the English market. He moved to Milan in the late 1950s, and from 1960 on, he produced covers for Fleetway Publications for titles such as Spiderman, Air Ace, War, Battle, War at Sea, and Giant War.
He is best known for his painted covers for adult comics published by Ediperiodici and Edifumetto.

Notes: Updated based on information received from Romano Felmang


    Alessandro Biffignandi Type: Common Alternative Name

Other Names:

  1. Alessandro Romano Biffignandi Type: Name at Birth
    Given name: Alessandro Romano Family name: Biffignandi


  1. Alessandro Biffignandi [generic]