Born: 1920 April 18 in New York City, New York, United States

Died: 1984 March 1 in Franklin Square, New York, United States

Notes: To be confirmed against the Who's Who entry.

Who's Who gives Burgos' birthdate as 1916 and Steranko's History of Comics gives 1917. The 1920 date was given by Burgos.

Sample Scan:


    Carl Burgos Type: None
    Given name: Carl Family name: Burgos

Other Names:

  1. Max Finkelstein Type: Name at Birth
    Given name: Max Family name: Finkelstein


  1. Burgos [generic]
  2. by Carl Burgos 40 [generic]
  3. C. B. [generic]
  5. Carl Burgos [generic]
  6. Carol Burgos 40 [generic]


  1. 1996: Harvey Award - Jack Kirby Hall of Fame Award
  2. 2016: Eisner Award - Hall of Fame - Judges’ Choices