Born: 1951 November 20 in Chicago, Illinois, United States

Biography: Carol Tyler is an American painter, educator, comedian, and eleven-time Eisner Award-nominated cartoonist known for her autobiographical comics. She has received multiple honors for her work including the Cartoonist Studio Prize, the Ohio Arts Council Excellence Award, and was declared a Master Cartoonist at the 2016 Cartoon Crossroads Columbus Festival at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum.

Her first comics publication was the 1987 story "Uncovered Property", in Weirdo. Tyler's short slice-of-life stories and her distinctive artwork brought her critical attention as one of a growing number of female artists shaping the direction of underground/alternative comics in North America in the 1980s; she appeared in the influential feminist anthologies Wimmen's Comix and Twisted Sisters. Her first solo book, The Job Thing, was published in 1993. She produced short comics for publications including LA Weekly, Pulse (Tower Records), Strip AIDS, Heck, and Zero Zero.

Tyler also performed live comedy with the Rick & Ruby Patio Show at LA's The Comedy Store, the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, and the Clunie Center in Sacramento.

Tyler teaches a comics class at the University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning.

In 2020, Carol Tyler's work was chosen to be a part of the Society of Illustrators Museum exhibit "Women in Comics: Looking Forward, Looking Back".

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    Carol Tyler Type: Name at Birth
    Given name: Carol Family name: Tyler

Other Names:

  1. Lisa Lee Type: Pen Name
  2. C. Tyler Type: Common Alternative Name
    Given name: C. Family name: Tyler
  3. Carol Ann Tyler Type: Name at Birth
    Given name: Carol Ann Family name: Tyler


  1. C. Tyler [generic]
  2. Tyler [generic]


  1. 2010: Inkpot Award - [no name]

Awards for Issues:

  1. 2020: Eisner Award - Best Anthology
    Drawing Power: Women's Stories of Sexual Violence, Harassment, and Survival: A Comics Anthology (2019 series)


  1. Spouse - Justin Green (b. 1945)