Born: 1999 month? day? in Netherlands

Notes: Founded in 1999, when Jan Kruis retired and sold off his rights on the characters from the popular strip 'Jan, Jans en de kinderen'. The Studio was originally located in the offices of weekly women's magazine 'Libelle' in Hoofddorp. As of 2007, all employees turned freelancers and the studio offices were closed.

The Studio continues to create the weekly 'Jan, Jans en de kinderen' page for 'Libelle', as well as several spin-offs and new material for the annual collection(s) and special editions.


    Studio Jan Kruis Type: Studio Name

Other Names:

  1. Jan Kruis Studio Type: Studio Name
  2. SJK Type: Pen Name


  1. Employer of - Michael Barnaart (b. 1983)
  2. Employer of - Irene Berbee (b. 1969)
    Notes: Artist, starting in 2022.
  3. Employer of - Irene Berbee (b. 1969)
  4. Employer of - Noortje Braat
    Notes: Plotideeën.
  5. Employer of - Richard van Breukelen
    Notes: Teksten.
  6. Employer of - Daniel van den Broek (b. 1975)
    Notes: Tekenaar.
  7. Employer of - Ivan Claeys
    Notes: Plotideeën.
  8. Employer of - Linda van Erve (b. 1978)
    Notes: Plotideeën en tekeningen.
  9. Employer of - Maarten Gerritsen (b. 1977)
    Notes: Started working for the Studio in 2006. Has since ended his relationship, date unknown (possibly 2007).
  10. Employer of - Daan Jippes (b. 1945)
    Notes: Art director 1999-2001 and 2002-2003.
  11. Employer of - Michiel de Jong (b. 1970)
    Notes: During 2007, he created the Jan, Jans en de kinderen spin-off Karlijn for magazine Tina.
  12. Employer of - Hetty Kleinloog
    Notes: Teksten.
  13. Employer of - Stella de Kort
    Notes: Teksten.
  14. Employer of - Jan Kruse (b. 1946)
    Notes: Writes stories and supplies ideas.
  15. Employer of - Wilma Leenders (b. 1960)
    Notes: Inkleurder.
  16. Employer of - Peter Nuyten (b. 1962)
  17. Employer of - Hans van Oudenaarden (b. 1959)
  18. Employer of - Rob Phielix (b. 1961)
  19. Employer of - Emile Proper
    Notes: Teksten.
  20. Employer of - Herman Roozen (b. 1966)
    Notes: Plotideeën.
  21. Employer of - Bas Schuddeboom (b. 1980)
    Notes: Script writer on Jan, Jans en de kinderen spin-off Karlijn, Catootje en de Ouders in magazine Tina.
  22. Employer of - Wouter Stips (b. 1944)
    Notes: Infrequently supplies stories and ideas.
  23. Employer of - Barbara Stok (b. 1970)
    Notes: Writing, starting in 2022.
  24. Employer of - Mariken Swildens
    Notes: Projectleider.
  25. Employer of - Gerben Valkema (b. 1980)
  26. Employer of - Michiel van de Vijver (b. 1976)
  27. Employer of - Peter Weijenberg (b. 1958)
    Notes: Started working for the Studio in 2006. Became their main writer on 'Jan, Jans en de kinderen' in 2013.
  28. Employer of - Piet Zeeman (b. 1957)
    Notes: Plotideeën.