Born: 1862 May 26 in Basel, Switzerland

Died: 1935 March 26 in Horseheads, New York, United States

Biography: Born in Switzerland, Zimmerman was raised by relatives in France following the death of his mother when he was two. When he was six, he was placed on a ship to the U.S., where he joined his father and older brother in New Jersey.

In 1877 he became an apprentice sign painter, but harbored a desire to become a professional cartoonist. Self-taught, he studied and copied the work of other cartoonists to build his skills. In May 1883 he obtained an interview with Joseph Keppler, the director of Puck Magazine. He was hired and began work at one of the most remarkable satirical magazines of the late 19th century. While he worked at Puck, he supplemented his income with lucrative freelance work. In 1885 he dropped the last portion of his signature and became known as Zim.

After two and a half years at Puck (from May 1883 to December 1885), Zim moved to Judge magazine, directed by Bernhard Gillam. Here he was better paid and enjoyed greater freedom in his selection of subjects. He remained at Judge until his retirement in 1912.

After his retirement from Judge, Zim was founder and first president of the American Association of Cartoonists and Caricaturists.

Sample Scan:


    Eugene Zimmerman Type: Name at Birth
    Given name: Eugene Family name: Zimmerman

Other Names:

  1. Zim Type: Pen Name


  1. Zim