Born: ????? March 27 in ?

Biography: Mizuki Sakakibara (榊原瑞紀) is a manga artist who worked for Marvel starting in 2003 with the series Exiles. Other titles she worked on supplying mainly covers or illustrations include Silver Surfer, X-Men Unlimited, Namor, Alpha Flight, Marvel Knights and Four (2006 series).

Her work in Japan starts in 2010 and includes Double Decker! Doug & Kirill (Double Decker! ダグ&キリル), Tiger & Bunny, Ossan (36) ga Idol ni naru Hanashi (オッサン(36)がアイドルになる話), Haira no SP - Ryuubatsuchou Chousa Shikkoubu Dai-3-ka (ハイラのSP ‐龍伐庁調査執行部第3課‐), Miss Maverick ni wa Sakarau na (ミス・マーベリックにはさからうな) and Setsudanou / King of the Kill (切断王).


    榊原瑞紀 Type: None
    Given name: 瑞紀 Family name: 榊原

Other Names:

  1. Mizuki Sakakibara Type: None
    Given name: Mizuki Family name: Sakakibara


  1. MIZ [generic]
  2. MS [generic]