Born: 1970 month? day? in Ohio, United States

Died: 2016 March 27 in United States

Biography: Indie comics creator whose most prominent work was the Fantagraphics 1994 series Nurture the Devil. She also appeared in series like Zero Zero, Buzzard, Dirty Plotte and Sputnik as well as various self-published titles.

Notes: The artist was known as Jeff Johnson before she transitioned in the early 2000s. Not to be confused with the Marvel comics artist with that name. For a while she went by Jessica Johnson before finally settling on Jess. Also not to be confused with the New Zealand contemporary installation artist of the same name.


    Jess Johnson Type: Changed Name
    Given name: Jess Family name: Johnson

Other Names:

  1. Jeff Johnson Type: Common Alternative Name
    Given name: Jeff Family name: Johnson
  2. Jessica Johnson Type: Changed Name
    Given name: Jessica Family name: Johnson


  1. "Gruesome" Jeff Johnson [generic]