Born: 1969 January 15 in 東京都 [Tokyo], Japan

Biography: Shintarō Kago (駕籠真太郎) is an ero-guro manga artist or as he calls himself, a "kisou (bizarre) mangaka." He's known for his visually striking images that are by turns transgressive, violent, surreal, satirical, sexual or all of the above.

Published works include Dance! Kremlin Palace (踊る!クレムリン御殿), Dementia 21 (ディメンシャ 21), Super-Conductive Brains Parataxis (超伝脳パラタクシス), Fraction (フラクション), Anamorphosis no Meijū (アナモルフォシスの冥獣), Harem End (ハーレムエンド), The Big Funeral (大葬儀), Shine! Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere (輝け! 大東亜共栄圏), Super Dimensional Love Gun (恋の超時空砲), The Ultra Power Mongol Invasion (超動力蒙古大襲来), Bride in Front of the Station (駅前花嫁), Atrocious Comedy in Front of the Station (喜劇駅前虐殺), Eccentric People Magazine (奇人画報), Antlion vs BaraBara Girl / Doodlebug vs Girl in Pieces (アリ地獄vsバラバラ少女), The Secrets of World History (真説★世界史大全), Black Theatre: Granny's Dead Body is Stinky (ブラックシアターおばあちゃんが死体くさいよ), Kasutoru Shiki (かすとろ式), Ruggedness Nymphomania (凸凹ニンフォマニア), Brain Damage (ブレインダメージ), Hidari Gawa ni Ki wo Tsukero (左側に気をつけろ), Refurbishment - Everything's Peaceful (新装・万事快調), Six Consciousnesses Thought Changing Ataraxia (六識転想アタラクシア), Health Plan (健康の設計), Aiko, the 16 Year Old Girl (アイコ十六歳), Ana, Moji, Ketsueki Nado Ga Arawareru Manga / Manga of Hole, Character, Blood, Etc. Appearances (穴、文字、血液などが現れる漫画), Wandering Cartoon Eccentricities in Front of the Station (駅前浪漫奇行), Paranoia Street (パラノイアストリート), Murder Techniques Throughout the Ages (すべての時代を通じての殺人術), Hannya Haramita (ハンニャハラミタ), Sudden Delusion (飛び出す妄想) and Superhuman (人間以上).


    駕籠真太郎 Type: Name at Birth
    Given name: 真太郎 Family name: 駕籠

Other Names:

  1. Shintarō Kago Type: None
    Given name: Shintarō Family name: Kago
  2. Shintarou Kago Type: None
    Given name: Shintarou Family name: Kago