Born: 1913 May 15 in Milano, Lombardia, Italy

Died: 1997 month? day? in ?

Biography: Alvaro Mairani trained at the l'Accademia di Bergamo and at L'Accademia dell'Arte Applicata del Castello di Milano.
He began his career shortly after World War II, working for publisher Giovanni De Leo on the periodicals Tiger and Avventure. In 1949, he started work for Universo, where he took over 'Il Principe Azzurro' and launched 'Il Cavaliere Ideale' in L'Intrepido. He has illustrated nearly all the covers for the Albi dell'Intrepido collection from issue 253 onwards.


    Alvaro Mairani Type: Name at Birth
    Given name: Alvaro Family name: Mairani

Other Names:

  1. Almay Type: Pen Name


  1. A. Mairani [generic]
  2. AMairini
  3. Mairani [generic]