Born: 1971 May 28 in Roma [Rome], Lazio, Italy

Biography: Di Vito was born in Rome, and showed a love for drawing from an early age. His first published work appeared in the form of two short stories in the Italian magazine Intrepido. He was first published in America in Marvel's Marvel Shadows and Light, with one of his pinups appearing in the comic book. Di Vito was asked to join the CrossGen staff as an associate penciller and became a fill-in artist for the comic books The First and Scion, becoming the official penciller of the former six months later. On getting his start in comics, Di Vito said, "After years of attempts, I went to San Diego Comic-Con, back in 2000. It was my last shot at finding a gig as a comic book artist. I remember meeting Steve McNiven that day, as we both stood in line to show our samples to Marvel. A few hours later I bumped into Mark Alessi, who at that time was starting up Crossgen. He was the first one to believe I could do something in this business and hired me as an apprentice artist".

Sample Scan:


    Andrea Di Vito Type: Name at Birth
    Given name: Andrea Family name: Di Vito

Other Names:

  1. Andrea DiVito Type: Common Alternative Name
    Given name: Andrea Family name: DiVito


  1. Di Vito [generic]
  2. DiVito
  3. DV
  4. DV [generic]