Born: 1955 January 24 in Brooklyn, New York, United States

Biography: Life-long comic book fan, prolific comic book letter-hack (over 300 published letters), later historian, author, and blogger. Writer/translator/scripter for Disney comic stories of European origin published in the United States. Author of various text features for collections of such comics.

Disney Comics (1991)
Gemstone Publishing (2006-2008)
Boom Studios! (2010-2011)
IDW Publishing (2015-2018)
Fantagraphics Books (2009- )

Walt Disney Treasures: The Chronological Donald Volume Four. (2008) “Donald Goes to Press” (DVD bonus feature on Disney comic books, on-camera commentary)

Sample Scan:


    Joe Torcivia Type: None

Art Influences:

Joe Torcivia (b. 1955) stated influences by:
  1. Carl Barks
  2. Geoffrey Blum
  3. Irwin Allen
  4. Mark Evanier
  5. Michael Maltese
  6. Vic Lockman
  7. Warren Foster