Born: 1922 November 11 in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

Died: 2007 April 11 in Manhattan, New York City, New York, United States

Biography: American writer, known for his Hugo Award finalist novels The Sirens of Titan, Cat's Cradle, and Slaughterhouse-Five. In comics, he wrote the introduction for Drew and Josh Alan Friedman's "Warts and All".


    Kurt Vonnegut Type: GCD Official (type is deprecated)

Other Names:

  1. Kurt Jr. Type: Given (birth) (type is deprecated)
  2. Vonnegut Type: Family (type is deprecated)

Art Influences:

Influences by Kurt Vonnegut (b. 1922) were stated by:
  1. J. M. DeMatteis (b. 1953)
  2. Steve Willis