Born: 1967? month? day? in Roma [Rome], Lazio, Italy

Biography: Studio Rosi was formed by Sergio Rosi with Gaspare De Fiore and Giorgio Cambiotti. They produced work for various publishers such as Ediperiodici (Jacula, Jolanda, Lucifera), Edizioni Bianconi (L'Artiglio D'Acciaio) and Editoriale Corno (Kriminal).
The work of Studio Rosi was continued by Sergio's son Sandro Rosi.


    Studio Rosi Type: Studio Name


  1. Owner - Sandro Rosi
  2. Employer of - Giorgio Cambiotti (b. 1931)
  3. Employer of - Gaspare De Fiore (b. 1926)
  4. Employer of - Massimo Fecchi (b. 1946)
    Notes: Did pencils and inks 1968 to 1969.
  5. Employer of - Gaetano Proietti
  6. Owned by - Sergio Rosi (b. 1926)