Udon Studios Type: Studio Name

Other Names:

  1. Udon Type: Studio Name
  2. Udon Studio Type: Studio Name


  1. Aly U [generic]
  2. udOn
  3. Udon [generic]
  4. Udon Studios [generic]


  1. Employer of - Roberto Campus (b. 1974) using the names: Roberto Campus of UDON Studios; UDON's Roberto Campus
    Notes: Worked as illustrator and painter.
  2. Employer of - Erik Ko (b. 19??) using the name: Udon Chief Erik Ko
  3. Employer of - Shane Law using the name: Udon's Shane Law
  4. Employer of - Jeannie Lee using the name: Udon's Jeannie Lee
  5. Employer of - Calvin Lo using the name: Calvin Lo of UDON
  6. Employer of - Larry Molinar
  7. Employer of - Ryan Odagawa (b. 1975)
  8. Employer of - Crystal Reid (b. 1980) using the name: Udon's M3TH
  9. Employer of - Crystal Reid (b. 1980) using the name: M3TH of Udon
  10. Employer of - Rob Ross using the name: Udon's Rob Ross
  11. Employer of - Christina Strain (b. 1981)
  12. Employer of - Angelo Tsang using the names: Angelo Tsang of Udon; Udon's Angelo Tsang
  13. Employer of - Arnold Tsang using the name: Arnold Tsang of Udon
  14. Employer of - Long Vo (b. 1977)
  15. Employer of - Kevin Yan using the name: Udon's Kevin Yan