I.H.O.C. Type: Studio Name

Other Names:

  1. I. H. O. C. Type: Studio Name
  2. International House of Color Type: Studio Name
  3. International House of Colors Type: Studio Name


  1. Employer of - José Arenas using the name: José Arenas of I.H.O.C.
  2. Employer of - Stephane Krieshok using the names: I.H.O.C. (Stephane Krieshok); Stephane Krieshok of I.H.O.C.
  3. Employer of - Stephanie Krieshok using the names: I.H.O.C.; Stephanie Krieshok of I.H.O.C.
  4. Employer of - Abel Mouton using the names: Abel Mouton of I.H.O.C.; I.H.O.C.; I.H.O.C. (Abel Mouton)
    Notes: Mouton was a colorist for the studio from about 1994 to about 1999.
  5. Employer of - Lea Rude using the names: I.H.O.C.; I.H.O.C. (Lea Rude); Lea Rude of I.H.O.C.
  6. Employer of - John Zaia using the names: I.H.O.C. (John Zaia); John Zaia of I.H.O.C.
  7. Employer of - Bill Zindel using the names: Bill Zindel of I.H.O.C.; I.H.O.C.; I.H.O.C. (Bill Zindel)