Born: 1888 February 7 in Budapest, Hungary, Austria-Hungary (1867-1918)

Died: 1969 September 5 in Rye, New York, United States

Biography: Additional biography found at the Stripper's Guide "Ink-Slinger Profiles by Alex Jay: Alex Blum / Al Boon" Tuesday, March 31, 2015, by Alex Jay (

Alex Blum won three art prizes at age of 13 in contests run by Cincinnati newspapers, circa 1902. At some point he taught at the Boston Art School. In the late 1910s, Blum worked as a newspaper illustrator for an unknown Philadelphia newspaper.

Blum was an artist doing advertising work during the 1920s, details unknown currently.

He worked as an etcher and painter in the fine arts with works exhibited at the Library of Congress and Yale University.

Honors received included: Etching Class—First prize, A.H. Baldwin Fund from the National Academy of Design in 1909; and the Philadelphia Alliance Bronze Medal for Etching in 1920.

Syndication work included Illustrated Classics Sunday (New York Post/Gilberton Publications) pencil and ink work, circa 1947 and Oddities of the News weekly (General Features) pencil and ink work, from 1937 to 1942.

Notes: Stripper's Guide (…) indicates that Blum had his name legally changed to "Alex Blum" in 1920.

Pen name of Alex Boon was used in conjunction with Toni Blum as a byline for various features for Fox Comics circa 1940 and for the attempted comic strip Samson (Fox Feature Syndicate) in 1939. See:

The pen name Anthony Allen was used in conjunction with Allen Ulmer. The use of Anthony as a pen name is uncertain.

Sample Scan:


    Alex Blum Type: Common Alternative Name
    Given name: Alex Family name: Blum

Other Names:

  1. Anthony Allen Type: Pen Name
  2. Anthony Type: Pen Name
  3. Alex A. Blum Type: Common Alternative Name
    Given name: Alex A. Family name: Blum
  4. Alex Anthony Blum Type: Changed Name
    Given name: Alex Anthony Family name: Blum
  5. Sándor Aladár Blum Type: Name at Birth
    Given name: Sándor Aladár Family name: Blum
  6. Alex Boon Type: House Name


  1. Cincinnati Art Institute ? to ?

  2. National Academy of Design [Dartmouth] ? to ?


  1. A. A. Blum [generic]
  2. Alex Boon [generic]
  3. Anthony [generic]
  4. Blum [generic]
  5. Lance Blackwood [generic]
  6. S. M. Regi [generic]
  7. Tagor Maroy [generic]

Awards for Issues:

  1. 1956: Thomas Alva Edison Foundation National Mass Media Awards - Best American History Comic Book
    Classics Illustrated (1947 series) #65 [O] - Benjamin Franklin

Art Influences:

Alex Blum (b. 1888) stated influences by:
  1. Charles F. W. Mielatz
  2. Frank Duveneck

Non Comics Works:

  1. Publication Title: Puss in Boots (book) - Role: artist - Year: 1946
    Employer Name : Tiny Tales Publishers
    Notes: Artist for the Ruth A. Roche written book.

  2. Publication Title: The Boy Who Dared: The Story of William Penn (book) - Role: art director - Year: 1929
    Employer Name : D. Appleton and Company
    Notes: Artist for the Mary Hazelton Wade written book.

  3. Publication Title: The Boy Who Loved the Sea: The Story of Captain James Cook (book) - Role: artist - Year: 1931
    Employer Name : D. Appleton and Company
    Notes: Artist for the Mary Hazelton Wade written book.


  1. Parent of - Toni Blum (b. 1918)
  2. User of - Alex Boon
  3. Relative - Bill Bossert (b. 1918)
    Notes: Bill is son-in-law to Alex.
  4. Employee of - Eisner and Iger Studio (b. 1936)
    Notes: Pencil and ink work, from 1938 to 1939.
  5. Employee of - Iger Shop
    Notes: Pencil and ink work, from 1940 to circa 1954.