Born: ????? March 28 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Biography: Dawn McTeigue was born in Melbourne, Australia and is an American and Irish citizen. She has lived in Honduras, Japan, Poland, Hungary, Austria and Mexico. She currently resides in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
She is a self taught artist whose first comic cover was published in March 2012 and her first interior pages were published in July 2012 in Zenescope’s Wonderland Annual. She is best known a a cover artist for Zenescope Entertainment and has also worked for Rothic, Big Dog Ink, Valiant Entertainment, Dark Horse Comics, Dynamite Entertainment, Coffin Comics and DC.


    Dawn McTeigue Type: Name at Birth
    Given name: Dawn Family name: McTeigue

Other Names:

  1. Dawn Schwartz Type: Changed Name


  1. Dawn [generic]