Sample Scan:


    Curt Swan Type: Common Alternative Name
    Given name: Curt Family name: Swan

Other Names:

  1. Douglas Curtis Swan Type: Name at Birth
    Given name: Douglas Curtis Family name: Swan


  1. Pratt Institute [Brooklyn] ? to ?

    Notes: Attended nights under the GI Bill.


  1. Bob Kane [generic]
  2. Swan [generic]
  3. Swanderson [generic]


  1. 1984: Inkpot Award - [no name]
  2. 1997: Eisner Award - Hall of Fame

Awards for Issues:

  1. 1996: Squiddy Award - Reprint Collection
    Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? (1997 series) [First Printing]

Art Influences:

Curt Swan (b. 1920) stated influences by:
  1. John Whitcomb
  2. Norman Rockwell
Influences by Curt Swan (b. 1920) were stated by:
  1. Gary Barker (b. 1957)
  2. Norm Breyfogle (b. 1960)
  3. Neil A. Hansen (b. 1961)
  4. Fred Hembeck (b. 1953)
  5. Peter Krause (b. 1956)
  6. Steve Lightle (b. 1959)
  7. Larry Nadolsky (b. 1957)
  8. Paul Ryan (b. 1949)
  9. Bill Sienkiewicz (b. 1958)
  10. Rick Stasi (b. 1952)
  11. Ty Templeton (b. 1962)
  12. Jim Valentino (b. 1952)


  1. National Cartoonists Society Type: member

Non Comics Works:

  1. Publication Title: The Legion Companion (book) - Role: artist - Year: 2003
    Employer Name : TwoMorrows Publishing
    Notes: interior artwork and interview for Glen Cadigan's book

  2. Publication Title: V-Mail (other) - Role: artist - Year: 1943
    Employer Name : United States Army
    Work Title: pictorial Christmas V-Mail form
    Notes: Created "Season's Greetings from Great Britain", one of three pictorial background designs for V-Mail forms for the 1943 Christmas season. Forms were used again for the 1944 Christmas season. Ten forms were distributed to all eligible US service members to use as holiday greetings to people back home.