Born: 1906 September 19 in København, Denmark

Died: 2001 December 6 in København, Denmark

Biography: Vilhelm Hansen and Carla Hansen were an artistic couple. He was a trained lithographist, while she was a writer. Vilhelm worked mainly as an advertising artist between the two World Wars, and only started making comics and illustrating the tales written by Carla in the 1940s.

Their collaborative comic Rasmus Klump, about the adventures of a bear, a pelican, a penguin, and some other animals, debuted in Denmark on November 17, 1951, as a daily comic strip. It soon became one of the most popular European children comics, being translated and distributed into many languages and countries, mainly by the publishing houses Carlsen Comics and Casterman. While they no longer wrote or drew the stories after 1965, it was their names that stayed on the albums.


    Carla Hansen Type: Changed Name

Other Names:

  1. Carla Jensen Type: Name at Birth
    Given name: Carla Family name: Jensen
  2. Карла Хансен Type: Name at Birth
    Given name: Карла Family name: Хансен


  1. Spouse - Vilhelm Hansen (b. 1900)