Born: ????? October 17 in 広島県 [Hiroshima Prefecture], Japan

Biography: Rihito Takarai (宝井理人) is a manga artist, designer and illustrator. Works include Ten Count (テンカウント), Graineliers (グランネリエ), Seven Days (セブンデイズ) and Only the Flower Knows (花のみぞ知る). She is currently using the pen name octo for the series named Boisira!! (ボイスラ!!).

Notes: The artist spells the pen name in lower case.


    宝井理人 Type: None
    Given name: 理人 Family name: 宝井

Other Names:

  1. octo Type: Pen Name
  2. Rihito Takarai Type: Common Alternative Name
    Given name: Rihito Family name: Takarai