Darko Macan Type: Name at Birth
    Given name: Darko Family name: Macan

Other Names:

  1. David Mali Dvor Type: Pen Name
  2. Cecile Quintal Type: Pen Name


  1. University of Zagreb [Croatia] ? to ?

    Notes: Studied History and Archeology.


  1. B.A., University of Zagreb [Croatia] in None?

    Notes: Bachelor of Arts in History and Bachelor of Arts in Archeology.

Awards for Issues:

  1. 2002: Squiddy Award - Best Anthology
    9-11 (2002 series) #1

Art Influences:

Darko Macan (b. 1966) stated influences by:
  1. Giancarlo Berardi (b. 1949)
  2. Greg (b. 1931)
  3. Alan Moore (b. 1953)


  1. SFera: Croatian Science Fiction Society Type: member

  2. The Croatian Artists Union Type: member
    Notes: Not a trade union.

  3. The Croatian Association of Artists of Appplied Arts Type: member

  4. The Croatian Association of Comics Artists Type: member