Alfred Andriola Type: Common Alternative Name

Other Names:

  1. Alfred James Andriola Type: Name at Birth
    Given name: Alfred James Family name: Andriola


  1. Cooper Union School of Art [NYC] ? to ?

  2. Columbia University ? to ?


  1. Alfred ANDRIOLA
  2. Alfred Andriola [generic]


  1. 1970: National Cartoonist Society Awards (NCS Awards) - Cartoonist of the Year
  2. 1970: National Cartoonist Society Awards (NCS Awards) - Silver T-Square Extraordinary Service Award


  1. National Cartoonist Society Type: member
    Notes: In 1960, Alfred Andriola served on the Executive Board of the Comics Council, edited both the Cartoonist magazine and the Newsletter, and served on several Board of Governors and Committees.


  1. Ghosted by - Hy Eisman (b. 1927)
    Notes: Eisman did ghost penciling for Kerry Drake (Publishers Syndicate) daily and Sunday from sometime in 1957 to sometime in 1959.
  2. Ghosted by - Su Gumen (b. 1920)