Born: 1970 October 14 in Michigan, United States

Biography: Aaron Warner's professional comic career began doing freelance illustrations for the Battle Creek Enquirer starting in March 1989. He would become an editorial cartoonist for the Enquirer, appearing weekly starting in April 1990.

In May 1990, Warner received the Most Achievement in Art Award and graduated from Kellogg Community College (Battle Creek, Michigan).

In October 1992, the Battle Creek Art Center had a comic art exhibition featuring work from the Adventures of Aaron comic strip.

In July 1993, with a print run of just 1000 copies, Adventures of Aaron was reprinted for the first time in The Adventures of Aaron Compilation Book (Chiasmus, 1993 series). Warner's work appeared in Aaron Strips (Image, 1997 series) #1 (April 1997) and that would be followed by Adventures of Aaron (Image, 1997 series) #100 (July 1997) [Issue #100 is a gag, as there were no issues #1 to 99]. Warner's next, and last known to date, comic book work appeared in Eastbay (Eastbay Inc., 2020 series) #[nn] (August 2020).

Warner also created The Year of the Monkey for Bulk Comix (Chiasmus, 1993 series) #3 (1993), album covers, posters for the , and the logo for the Battle Creek Symphony Orchestra.

With creator Denver Brubaker, Warner forms the Funny Business Cartoon Studio in downtown Battle Creek, Michigan in 2000. Starting in July 2000 they offered cartooning classes. Through the studio, they created the newspaper comic strip Sparky and Tim. It appeared in the Detroit Free Press and the South Haven Tribune (South Haven, Michigan) but it never found nationwide syndication.

Adventures of Aaron was made into a rock musical called The Adventures of Aaron, which Warner adapted into the comic book Adventures of Aaron-The Musical (Chiasmus, 1994 series) #1 (March 1994). It first appeared at the Actors and Playwrights' Initiative Theater in Kalamazoo, Michigan first showing on March 4, 1994. It would appear at the Discovery Theater in Battle Creek, Michigan for two nights on August 26 and 27, 1994. The next musical would be the Adventures of Aaron Christmas Special which appeared on stage in December 1996 at the State Theater in Kalamazoo.

Warner's comic strip and comic strip syndication credits are known to be:
-A College Girl Named Joe daily (Amazing Aaron Productions) 2002-07-01 - 2007-03-31 [Writer and artist. Amazing Aaron Productions was Warner's self-syndicate name. Known to have appeared in the Battle Creek Enquirer from July 1, 2002, to March 31, 2007, and the Detroit Free Press starting January 6, 2003, to November 25, 2006.];
-Adventures of Aaron weekly (Aaron Warner [self-syndicated]) 1991-08-02 - 1995-XX-XX [Writer and artist. Warner self-syndicated the comic strip in Michigan newspapers. The Kalamazoo Gazette was the first newspaper, first appearing in its Friday section. Appeared weekly and in different formats during this time per Holtz. Other known newspapers it appeared in during this time included, Battle Creek Enquirer {on May 13, 1994}, Marshall {Marshall, Michigan} Chronicle, and the Detroit News {during August 1994}.];
-Adventures of Aaron Sunday (Tribune Media Services) 1995-10-XX - 1997-08-03 [Writer and artist. A curiosity; October 20, 1995 start date listed in Alan Holtz's American Newspaper Comics is actually a Friday, not a Sunday, and was the date the article about Adventures of Aaron's syndication appeared. That same article had Warner starting the comic would be syndicated starting on October 23, 1995. That date is a Monday. So the comic strip started either October 22th or 29th, 1995.];
-Adventures of Aaron Sunday (Aaron Warner [self-syndicated]) 1997-XX-XX - 1999-08-15 [Writer and artist. Warner self-syndicated the comic strip again and it appeared in the Detroit Free Press (until August 15, 1999, known) and other Michigan newspapers, possibly the Battle Creek Enquirer.];
-Sparky and Tim daily (Amazing Aaron Productions) 1998-XX-XX - 2000-XX-XX [Writer with Denver Brubaker as the artist. Was known to have appeared in the Detroit Free Press as a one-week trial from February 14, 2000, to February 18, 2000, and in the South Haven (South Haven, Michigan) Tribune, dates unknown.]

Additional biographical information on Warner appeared in the Battle Creek Enquirer (Battle Creek, Michigan), Lifestyle section, "Aaron's World" by Mark Schwerin, Friday, October 20, 1995, p 7A; and "Aaron & Denver's Latest Venture" by Ed Deane with photographs by John Grap, July 23, 2000, pp. 1D and 5D.

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  1. Cartoon Studios [generic]


  1. 1998: Eisner Award - Comic Books


  1. Owner - Funny Business Cartoon Studio (b. 2000)
    Notes: Aaron Warner was co-owner of the studio with Denver Brubaker.