Born: 1911 July 2 in Crystal Falls, Michigan, United States

Died: 2004 May 3 in San Diego, California, United States

Biography: Through Western Publishing, Cobb worked as story editor (1935-1950s) and later managing editor (1950s-1962) for Dell, contributing to series such as Four Color, Walt Disney's Comics and Stories, Tarzan and Mickey Mouse Magazine. She was initially based in New York and moved to Western's Los Angeles office in the 1940s.

From 1962, she contributed as managing editor to Walt Disney comics for Western's Gold Key imprint.

Around 1968, she retired from the comics industry.

Notes: Her name is misspelled as Nielson throughout lots of our old indexes. Eventually, when all of the credits are changed with the credit linking system this will be fixed.


    Alice Nielsen Cobb Type: Changed Name
    Given name: Alice Family name: Nielsen Cobb

Other Names:

  1. Alice Cobb Type: Changed Name
    Given name: Alice Genevieve Nielsen Family name: Cobb
  2. Alice Nielsen Type: Name at Birth
    Given name: Alice Genevieve Family name: Nielsen