Born: 1951 month? day? in United States

Died: 1996 July 1 in ?

Biography: Keith Green (c. 1951–1996) was an American publisher, distributor, and art dealer. Starting out in the late 1960s as an underground comix distributor, in the early 1970s he published comics, and by the mid-1970s he had become a New York City art dealer. He was the younger brother of cartoonist Justin Green.

Based in San Francisco, as a teenager Green distributed underground comix starting in c. 1969. He published comics during the period c. 1971–1977, with the bulk coming in 1975–1976, under such names as Keith Green / Industrial Realities and the imprint Saving Grace.

When the self-publishing cooperative Cartoonists Co-Op Press started up in 1973, Green acted as salesman/distributor. In 1974, Green interviewed Robert Crumb for Inside Comics. Thanks to his visit to Crumb and his girlfriend, fellow cartoonist Aline Kominsky, Green helped finance their collaborative work, Dirty Laundry Comics #1, published by Cartoonists Co-Op Press in summer 1974.

The bulk of Green's publishing output was in 1975–1976, when he produced original comics by S. Clay Wilson, Jim Osborne, Willy Murphy, Ted Richards, Jerry Lane, and Spain Rodriguez.

Green's final publishing venture was The Snatch Sampler (1977), a 164-page book which reprinted material from Snatch Comics #1–3 (Apex Novelties/Print Mint) featuring Crumb, Wilson, Osborne, Victor Moscoso, Robert Williams, and Rory Hayes.

Green relocated to New York City in c. 1975, eventually operating the Keith Green Gallery on Park Avenue in New York City in the late 1980s. Artists he represented included Shaoul Smira, Marina Karella, Dragan Malešević Tapi, Anders Bertil Knutsson, Ivonne Baki, and a group of late-Soviet period avant-garde Russian artists.

Keith Green died of a heart attack on July 1, 1996. He was survived by his daughter, Kayla Winarsky Green (b. 1990), an international lawyer.


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  1. Sibling - Justin Green (b. 1945)