Born: 2001 month? day? in Japan

Biography: Naked Ape is a manga duo composed of author/designer Otoh Saki (咲木音穂) and artist Tomomi Nakamura (中村友美).

Among their works are Switch, Di[e]ce, Dolls (ドールズ), Halcyon (ハルシオン), Kotō no Oni (孤島の鬼) and Magnolia. Besides officially published works they have also created quite a number of dōjinshi over the years.

Notes: The naked ape moniker is published in lower case by the artists.


    naked ape Type: Pen Name


  1. Used by - 中村友美 (b. ????)
  2. Used by - 咲木音穂 (b. 1976)