Born: 1898 June 17 in Washington, District of Columbia, United States

Died: 1969 January 7 in Lindsay, California, United States

Biography: Earl Duvall was an American artist and animator best known for his work on Walt Disney comic strips in the early 1930s and for a handful of animated short films he directed at Warner Bros.

Duvall started as a layout artist and later as a member of the story department at Walt Disney Productions. During this time, he also worked as a cartoonist on the Mickey Mouse dailies and Silly Symphonies Sunday comic strip. Duvall was periodically an inker for Floyd Gottfredson on the newspaper version of the Mickey Mouse daily edition comic strip in 1930-1932. He also drew and wrote the Silly Symphonies comic strip Bucky Bug for Walt Disney.

In 1933 he was invited to work at Warner Bros. He directed five animated shorts while there, then left after an argument with producer Leon Schlesinger. He then worked for the Iwerks animation studio for a while before returning briefly to Disney and then retiring.

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