Born: 1947 month? day? in ?

Biography: Received a B.A. in Journalism.

Influenced by Superman and Science Fiction.

Notes: Worked in support at DC as an assistant editor in 1973 and associate editor from 1974-1976.
Worked in support at Grosset & Dunlap as an editor in 1977-1978.


    Allan Asherman Type: GCD Official (type is deprecated)

Art Influences:

Allan Asherman (b. 1947) stated influences by:
  1. Alexander Korda
  2. H. G. Wells

Non Comics Works:

  1. Publication Title: Castle of Frankenstein (magazine) - Role: writer
    Notes: Various articles.

  2. Publication Title: Monster Times (magazine) - Role: writer
    Notes: Writer and Editor.

  3. Publication Title: Nightmare (magazine) - Role: writer
    Notes: Various articles.

  4. Publication Title: Psycho (magazine) - Role: writer
    Notes: Various articles.

  5. Publication Title: Star Trek Compendium (book) - Role: writer - Years: 1981; 1993
    Employer Name : Simon & Schuster
    Notes: ISBN: 0-671-79145-1. Revised and updated edition, May 1993, ISBN: 0-671-79612-7

  6. Publication Title: unknown (book) - Role: writer - Years: 1987 - 1989
    Notes: Trade Paperback about Hollywood gossip.