Born: 1961 December 31 in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Biography: Editor-in-chief of Acclaim/Valiant comic publisher.
Writer of various Marvel books.
Creator of the re-designed Turok as Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, popular Nintendo game, 1997.

Additional biography:
Play Magazine (Italy, Play Press, 1995 series) v1#13, January 1997.


    Fabian Nicieza Type: GCD Official (type is deprecated)


  1. B.A., Rutgers University in 1983


  1. 1996: Thompsons - Best Achievement by an Editor
  2. 1996: Compuserve Comics and Animation Forum Awards - Don Thompson Award Best Achievement by an Editor

Art Influences:

Fabian Nicieza (b. 1961) stated influences by:
  1. Lou Bank (b. 1966)


  1. Sibling - Mariano Nicieza