Born: 1916 November 17 in New York City, New York, United States

Died: 2011 October 28 in Chesterville, Ontario, Canada

Biography: Schwartz created Bizarro Superman.

Received the Prestigious Canada Council Grant for the study of religious symbolism in popular culture.

Notes: To be confirmed against the Who's Who entry.


    Al Schwartz Type: Common Alternative Name

Other Names:

  1. Alvin Schwartz Type: Name at Birth
    Given name: Alvin Family name: Schwartz
  2. Jerry Siegel Type: Ghost Name
  3. Robert W. Tracy Type: Pen Name
  4. V. Woodrum Type: Pen Name
  5. Vernon Woodrum Type: Pen Name


  1. City College of the City University of New York (CUNY) ? to ?


  1. Jerry Siegel [generic]


  1. 2001: Inkpot Award - [no name]
  2. 2006: Bill Finger Award - [no name]


  1. Ghosted for - Jerry Siegel (b. 1914)