Born: 1930 June 16 in Rahway, New Jersey, United States

Died: 2021 March 7 in Scotch Plains, New Jersey, United States

Biography: Frank Thorne (1930-2021) was a comics creator who worked in comic books and syndicated strips beginning in 1948.

He was known for his work on ‘Red Sonja’ at Marvel (1975–1978).

Frank Thorne created Danger Rangerette, Ghita of Alizarr, Moonshine McJugs, Lann, and Ribit! As of 2006, Ghita had appeared in five languages and has sold 60,000 trade paperbacks.

Thorne received a National Cartoonists Society award (1963) and an Inkpot Award at San Diego (1978).

Notes: Additional biographical details can be found in:
- Amazing Heroes (Fantagraphics, 1981 series) #123 (August 1987);
- Buyer's Guide (DynaPubs, 1971 series) #105 (November 1975);
- Cartoonews (Bill Sheridan, 1975 series) #19 (January 1979);
- Comic Crusader (Martin L. Greim, 1968 Series) #12 (1972);
- Great Comic Book Artists (St. Martin's Press, 1986) by Ron Goulart.

Thorne worked support coloring his own work on Ribit! for Comico in 1989 and on Red Sonja for Marvel from 1977 to 1978.

Syndication work:
- The Illustrated History of Union County daily (Elizabeth Daily Journal) 1950-01-08 - 1950-XX-XX [Writer, researcher, pencil, and ink work.];
- Perry Mason Sunday (King Features Syndicate) 1951-XX-XX - 1952-XX-XX [Ghost pencil, ink, and colorwork.];
- Doctor Guy Bennett [Dr. Guy Bennett, Doctor Duncan] daily (LaFave Newspaper Features) 1956-01-14 - 1963-01-19 [Pencil and ink work from the start of his time on the comic strip to 1961; writer, pencil, and ink work from 1961 to the end. The comic strip was renamed Doctor Duncan in 1961 and advertised as such in Editor and Publisher in 1962. Per Allan Holtz, all examples found of the comic strip were still calling it Doctor Guy Bennett until the end.];
- Mandrake the Magician daily (King Features Syndicate) 1966-02-21 - 1966-02-26 [Ghost pencil and ink work. Per Jerry Bails there was also an additional two weeks of ghosting work during some unknown dates.];
- Mandrake the Magician Sunday (King Features Syndicate) 1966-04-03 [Ghost pencil and ink work.]

Awards (eventually to be transferred into links): Best Comic Strip 1981, New York Art Directors Award 1975, Phil Seuling New York Con Award 1977, Playboy Best Comic Strip Award 1982, and Warren Comics Award 1981.

Thorne received a fan letter from Federico Fellini.

Sample Scan:


    Frank Thorne Type: Common Alternative Name
    Given name: Frank Family name: Thorne

Other Names:

  1. F. T. Type: Pen Name
  2. Benjamin Franklin Thorne Type: Name at Birth
    Given name: Benjamin Franklin Family name: Thorne


  1. Art Career School [NYC] ? to ?


  1. F. T. [generic]
  2. F. Thorne [generic]
  3. F. Thorne
  4. Frank Thorne [generic]
  5. FT [generic]


  1. 1963: National Cartoonist Society Awards (NCS Awards) - Comic Book Division
  2. 1978: Inkpot Award - [no name]

Awards for Issues:

  1. 1956: Thomas Alva Edison Foundation National Mass Media Awards - Best American History Comic Book
    Classics Illustrated (1947 series) #65 [O] - Benjamin Franklin

Art Influences:

Frank Thorne (b. 1930) stated influences by:
  1. Richard Corben (b. 1940)
  2. Hal Foster (b. 1892)
  3. Neil O'Keeffe (b. 1890)
  4. Alex Raymond (b. 1909)
Influences by Frank Thorne (b. 1930) were stated by:
  1. Jim Balent (b. 1963)
  2. Hector Diaz (b. 1964)
  3. Steven Roman


  1. National Cartoonists Society Type: member

Non Comics Works:

  1. Publication Title: Bell Telephone bill insert (advertising) - Role: artist
    Employer Name : Bell Telephone [AT&T]
    Work Title: unknown
    Notes: Artist on promotional historical insert for Bell Telephone [AT&T], date unknown.

  2. Publication Title: Golden Magazine for Boys and Girls (magazine) - Role: artist - Years: 1966; 1968 - 1970
    Employer Name : Golden Press, Inc.
    Work Title: various

  3. Publication Title: N. J. Bell Telephone Magazine (magazine) - Role: artist - Years: 1963 - 1968
    Employer Name : unknown
    Work Title: various

  4. Publication Title: none (other) - Role: - Years: 1944 - 1954
    Employer Name : jazz band
    Work Title: musician: trumpet player

  5. Publication Title: none (other) - Role: actor - Year: 1954
    Employer Name : Traveling USO show
    Work Title: magician

  6. Publication Title: none (live show) - Role: voice actor
    Employer Name : Voice Actor: Played several Comics Conventions
    Work Title: voice actor
    Notes: Played several of his own cartoon characters at Comics Conventions.

  7. Publication Title: unknown (book) - Role: artist
    Employer Name : American Gas

  8. Publication Title: unknown (book) - Role: artist
    Employer Name : David Cook

  9. Publication Title: unknown (book) - Role: artist
    Employer Name : McGraw Hill

  10. Publication Title: unknown (book) - Role: artist
    Employer Name : National Council of Churches

  11. Publication Title: unknown (television) - Role: voice actor
    Employer Name : Playboy TV Channel
    Work Title: unknown
    Notes: Voice acted several of his own cartoon characters on the Playboy TV channel, dates unknown.

  12. Publication Title: unknown (book) - Role: artist
    Employer Name : St. Martin's Press

  13. Publication Title: unknown (book) - Role: artist - Years: 1950 - 1959
    Employer Name : unknown
    Work Title: Flash Gordon
    Notes: Was an artist on juvenile Flash Gordon books during the 1950s, details not known.

  14. Publication Title: unknown pulps (magazine) - Role: artist - Years: 1958 - 1970
    Employer Name : unknown
    Work Title: various

  15. Publication Title: various (advertising) - Role: artist - Years: 1960 - 1968
    Employer Name : various
    Work Title: various