Born: 1903 May 26 in New York City, New York, United States

Died: 1990 December 25 in ?

Biography: Henry "Harry" Steeger III began his career at Dell Publishing in 1926 as co-editor (with friend and college roommate Ernest Heyn) of Famous Story magazine. By 1928 Heyn had moved on to MacFadden, while Steeger, still at Dell, was promoted to Assistant Editor of War Birds and Editor of Sky Riders.

In 1929 Henry Steeger became Editor of Dell's The Funnies, which was the first American comic book composed of new material featuring popular newspaper comic strip characters.

He co-founded Popular Publications in 1930, one of the major publishers of pulp magazines, with former classmate Harold S. Goldsmith, who had served as an editor at A. A. Wyn's Ace Magazines. Steeger handled editorial matters while Goldsmith took care of the business side.


    Harry Steeger Type: Common Alternative Name
    Given name: Harry Family name: Steeger

Other Names:

  1. Henry Steeger III Type: Name at Birth
    Given name: Henry III Family name: Steeger


  1. Princeton University 1921 to 1925

Non Comics Works:

  1. Publication Title: 10 Story Western Magazine (magazine) - Role: owner - Year: 1947
    Employer Name : Popular Publications, Inc.
    Notes: 10 Story Western Magazine Volume 35 #1 December 1947 Popular Publications, Inc.

  2. Publication Title: Adventure (magazine) - Role: owner - Year: 1935
    Employer Name : Popular Publications, Inc.
    Notes: Adventure Volume 90 #1 January 1, 1935 Popular Publications, Inc. President and Secretary

  3. Publication Title: New Detective (magazine) - Role: owner - Year: 1949
    Employer Name : Popular Publications, Inc.
    Notes: New Detective Vol. 13 #1 May 1949 Fictioneers, Inc. subsidiary of Popular Publications, Inc.