Born: 1918 December 14 in New Castle, Pennsylvania, United States

Died: 1958 August 15 in Crystal Lake, Illinois, United States

Notes: To be confirmed against the Who's Who entry.

Who's Who gives Cole's birth year as 1914.

R. Johnson pen name is not certain.

Sample Scan:


    Jack Cole Type: Common Alternative Name

Other Names:

  1. Richard Bruce Type: Pen Name
  2. J. Cole Type: Common Alternative Name
  3. Jack Ralph Cole Type: Name at Birth
    Given name: Jack Ralph Family name: Cole
  4. Ralph Johns Type: Pen Name
  5. R. Johnson Type: Pen Name


  1. Landon School of Illustrating and Cartooning [Cleveland] ? to ?

    Notes: Cole's art education was through the Landon Correspondence Art Course which is known as the Landon School of Illustrating and Cartooning.


  1. Cole [generic]
  2. J. Cole [generic]
  3. Jack Cole [generic]
  4. Jack Cole with name formed by music notes [generic]
  5. Jake [generic]
  6. Ralph Johns [generic]
  7. Richard Bruce [generic]
  8. Sassafrass [generic]


  1. 1991: Harvey Award - Jack Kirby Hall of Fame
  2. 1999: Eisner Award - Hall of Fame - Judge's Choices

Art Influences:

Influences by Jack Cole (b. 1918) were stated by:
  1. George Broderick (b. 1957)
  2. Tom DeFalco (b. 1950)
  3. Kim Deitch (b. 1944)
  4. Joe Staton (b. 1948)
  5. Bill Ward (b. 1919)


  1. Employee of - Chesler Studio (b. 1936)
    Notes: Cole did writing, pencil, and ink work for the studio from 1937 to 1939.
  2. Employee of - Funnies, Inc. (b. 1939)
    Notes: Cole did pencil and ink work for the studio during 1940.