Born: 1888 December 4 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Died: 1944 August 29 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States

Biography: James Hammon was a cartoonist, illustrator, and comic book artist. He worked for The Evening Times (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), from 1910 until the newspaper folded in 1914. Hammon then moved onto The Ledger Syndicate in 1917 as a feature magazine illustrator and gag cartoonist with his work appearing in Collier's Magazine and Judge magazine known. James Hammon also worked for the Gibson Studio (doing work for Street and Smith), from circa 1943 to 1944, and King Features Syndicate (for the Masterpieces of Great Literature comic strip) in 1927.

Based on time periods of known work, it is likely Hammon worked also for the Philadelphia Press, from about 1908 to about 1910 and the Public Ledger (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), from about 1914 to about 1917. The Gibson Studio hired a number of former employees of the Evening Public Ledger (which folded in 1942) and the Ledger Syndicate (which continued to about 1950), of which Hammon was one.

There are several comic strips signed by "Hammon" coming out of Philadelphia newspapers that are most likely by James Hammon. These include:
Algy daily (syndicate unknown) 1911-12-04 - 1913-07-03 [Writer, pencils, and inks. Allan Holtz speculates it was the Philadelphia Inquirer, but James was working with the The Evening Times [Philadelphia] during this time, so it is probably them.];
Masterpieces of Great Literature daily (King Features Syndicate) 1927-05-XX - 1927-07-XX [Pencil and inks, on one week's worth of The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, two weeks on The Count of Monte Cristo, and one week of The Three Musketeers. The strip was designed to be ran whenever and however the newspaper wished to run it and continued appearing in newspapers through 1928. It appeared in most newspapers from May to July 1927.];
[Philadelphia Press Local Comic Strip] daily (Philadelphia Press) 1908-09-30, 1908-10-22, 1908-10-28, 1908-12-16 [Writer, pencils, and inks. An untitled comic strip with rotating creators about the local going-ons in Philadelphia.];
War on Crime daily (Ledger Syndicate) 1936-05-18 - 1936-06-13 [Pencil and inks.].

Hammon's comic book work was through the Gibson Studio and for Street and Smith, working on the features Blackstone, from 1943 and continuing posthumously until 1946; Elliman, Ace of Magic, appeared posthumously in 1946 and 1948; Magic Tricks also appeared posthumously in 1946 and 1948; and The Shadow, from 1943 continuing posthumously until 1945.


    James Hammon Type: Common Alternative Name

Other Names:

  1. James H. Hammon Type: Common Alternative Name
    Given name: James H. Family name: Hammon
  2. James Henry Hammon Type: Name at Birth
    Given name: James Henry Family name: Hammon


  1. Hammon [generic]


  1. Employee of - Gibson Studio (b. 1943)
    Notes: Hammon did pencil and ink work for the studio from circa 1943 to circa 1944, though his work appears to have continued to appear until 1948.